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If you are in need of lessons that focus on Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes to supplement your current program or to use with students who need a challenge than this resource is for you.
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Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

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The Spelling Scholar 
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Common Core Standards are here! Is  your school or district ready? The Spelling Scholar is more than just another spelling program. It is a research-based, comprehensive word study program for grades 1-6 that meets the Common Core Standards (Spelling Scholar alignment). 
It comes complete with teacher background materials, inquiry based lessons, applied practice exercises, three (3) levels of word sorts for differentiation (below, at, and above grade level), application based tests, keys, dictionary skills, writing, games, posters, high frequency words and activities, and manipulatives. 
Are you tired of students misspelling the same words over again in their daily work? Our personal word portion of the program, teacher controlled, but managed by the students, ends these frustrations. Delivered on a cd, it can be placed on district servers and individual computers. Teachers can utilize electronic media for displaying lessons and can print for their students exactly the learning materials that fit their learning needs. See samples below.

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The Spelling Scholar program:

  • Single Skill Focus in Each Lesson
  • Manageable Differentiation Techniques
  • Games
  • Application of Spelling across the Curriculum
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How Successful Are Our Students?
Test Results
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The Spelling Scholar was field tested in several classrooms. Below are the test results from 4 classrooms. The pre and post test used was a dictated test containing approximately 60 words. Although the unit tests are application based, students show excellent gains on a dictated test as well.

Class A
  • Spelling scores increased an average of 18 percentage points
  • Range of Increase: 0 to 39 points
  • 89% of the students increased their spelling scores between 7 and 39 points

Class B
  • Spelling scores increased an average of 20 percentage points
  • Range of Increase: 3 to 55 points
  • 95% of the students increased their scores between 7 and 55 points

Class C
  • Spelling scores increased an average of 24 points
  • Range of increase: 9 to 56 points
  • 96% of the students increased their scores between 9 and 56 points with 50% increasing their scores between 20 and 56 points
  • 4% (one student) scored fewer points on the post-test

Class D
  • Spelling scores increased an average of 21 points
  • Range of increase: 6 to 38 points
  • 100% of the students increased their scores between 6 and 38 points 
  • 55%  increased their scores by 20% or greater on the post-test

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The Spelling Scholar:
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