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School or District purchase:
Entire program ranging from 24 to 32 units depending on the grade level. Cross referenced to previous grade levels for easy access to similar materials for differentiation. This program is licensed to the purchasing school or district  and can be placed on the school or district server.

Available for individual teacher purchase:

  • Investigating Word Origins and Meanings: Teaching Greek and Latin Roots for Grades 4-8

This disk contains word history lessons including teacher pages and keys, a sequence of lessons for Greek and Latin word parts, information on how etymologies are built and how to read them, routines for designing additional lessons based on Greek and Latin word parts, a reference booklet containing prefixes, roots, and suffixes, their meanings and sample words containing these word parts, as well as directions for using this reference with students. Additional resources, websites, word lists, maps and timelines are included.

  • Enhance Your Word Study Program Using Spelling Scholar Techniques (Grades 1-6)
This disk contains clear, concise descriptions of ways to enhance your spelling/word study instruction, including: 
  • High frequency word activities, flashcards, and word wall size words for Grades 1-5, all ready to print
  • Directions for managing personal spelling lists
  • Directions for creating discovery lessons from any list of skills or word list
  • Resources for building word lists with any spelling pattern
  • Directions for various types of word sorts
  • Directions for managing and organizing useful student spelling notebooks
--Students maintain personal word lists, a reference section, and a practice section for word sorts and games
  • Ready-to-use word study projects for grades 2-6
--Grades 2-3 projects include compound words, homophones, heteronyms, word histories, and inferring meanings from roots
--Grades 4-6 projects include working with Greek and Latin roots, idioms, and inferring meaning from base word

  • Spelling Games for Grades 1-3
Some skills included on the disk are: short vowel and long vowel word families, compound words, homophones, contractions, digraphs, r-controlled vowels, plurals, doubling rule, silent e rule, and dictionary games. Disk contains card games and paper and pencil games.

  • Spelling Games for Grades 4-6
Some skills included on this disk are: difficult vowel spellings, r-controlled vowels, unusual past tenses, silent letters, homophones, Greek and Latin roots and word meanings, and dictionary games.

Each game disk contains more than 20 already created spelling and word study card games based on popular children’s games in ready-to-use and print format. Dictionary games require a dictionary; no prepared materials are necessary. Complete directions included.

A New ApproachWho We AreSchool Contact/OrderFAQ's

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